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25th February
written by Adam

With the pressure of their 10th album weighing on their shoulders the legendary rock band Foo Fighters decide to move into an Encino mansion with killer acoustics to write and record their latest material. But, unbeknownst to the mighty Foo’s, their chosen studio also happens to be a direct portal to hell and finishing their album will come with deadly consequences.Directed by BJ McDonnell and Written by Dave Grohl, Jeff Buhler and Rebecca Hughes, let’s be quick, National Rock Treasure Dave Grohl has clearly poured his soul into this, and, while by no means is this a piece of horror cinematic greatness it is however a perfectly campy sendup on the horror genre. Clearly Grohl and company are having fun following the basic rules of horror. Admittedly, none of the band are really destined for an academy award for acting but their efforts are appreciated, much like guest appearances on classic episodes of the cartoon Scooby Doo, awkward but delightful, several notable cameo appearances also sweeten the pot, Kerry King (metal legend from the band SLAYER) and Lionel Ritchie bring the special sauce. In the end the Foo’s prove they have the ability to laugh at themselves, maintain rock god status, and hold down an amazing new Sabbath inspired tune in the key of L sharp….shreddy! At one hour and 46 minutes of runtime it’s hard to say welcomes are overstayed as well. Studio 666 is rated R.

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