Oct 21 2022


Centered in the world of the arts, composer/conductor Lydia Tár (Cate Blanchett) navigates the knives and daggers as a Musical Director for a famous German orchestra; a degree of success that’s also come at a significant cost. Now, her ability to maintain her name, image, accolades, family life, and side interests may have reached a critical breaking point; will she sink or will she find a way to cork the cracks in her hull? Written and Directed by Todd Field this arduously crafted tale of unwinding and power struggle is a tour de force for Blanchett who seamlessly moves between her own worlds, those which she’s created and those which are forced upon her all the while holding composure until a crucial break. Meanwhile ducking between spoken English and German, the power in which Blanchett delivers monologue after monologue is both breath taking and frightening at the same time. Albeit, this two hour and thirty eight minute monster does seem to have some pacing issues and could stand to be tightened up, conversely several sub-plots are left unfinished, strange. Regardless, this is award material at its core and in its star. TÁR is rated R.