The Raid: Redemption

An Indonesian SWAT team descends on a ruthless Indonesian mobster/druglord held up in a tenement for political reasons only to be met with greater force than expected. One by one the team is picked off by residents of the building until just one new recruit and his superior survive. Still determined to stop their original target the last remaining officers will also have to plot their escape as well. Forutnately, as fate would have it the two are assisted by an unlikely aide. But who will survive this ordeal, and who’s really calling the shots? So you were looking for a hardcore action adventure flick? One that features more punches, more kicks, more explosions, more fights and more thrills than anything we’ve seen in recent day? Can do! Director Gareth Evans delivers a ridiculously entertaining, adrenaline fueled, skull crushing, body blasting good time. Stunning choreography will keep your attention fixed for the most part; however, I must confess towards the end of the film I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and ready for the whole thing to…just…stop. Prepare for subtitles here too, then prepare for ultimate fighting action, unlike anything you’ve seen. The Raid: Redemption is rated R.