Deep in the jungles of Tanzania a crew of documentary film makers set on watching the behaviors and social structure of Chimpanzees make an almost unheard of discovery in one group chimps. Whilst learning valuable social and survival skills a three year old chimp named Oscar is separated from his mother, the situation looks bleak. Without the assistance of others in the group Oscar faces almost certain death; that is, until an unlikely foster parent takes Oscar under his wing— Freddy, the alpha male of the whole group. But the challenges of the jungle don’t stop with adoption, rival chimp leader Scar and his warriors are poised for a jungle takeover and now that Freddy is pre-occupied with Oscar, the table is set, but who will win dominance of the jungle? Narrated by actor/comedian Tim Allen children and parents will find the overall storyline interesting and entertaining without overstaying its welcome albeit it’s a little light on scientific exploration of the species as the cutesy narration at times was a little much. Yet, in several instances there were a few ah-ha moments that were truly surprising and revealing as to how closely related we humans are to chimps, an interesting mirror to be looking into or lens to be looking through as the case may have it. Aside from the narration issues, comes the next question, why is it that Disney films tend to so often deal with matricide, loss of mother figures, absent mothers, or evil stepmothers? What’s the deal Disney? Not that this makes the film any less watchable or enjoyable, I’m just curious about the trend. Interesting. Still, a fun matinee for parents and the little ones, Chimpanzee is rated G.