Safe Haven

Running from an abusive home life, the delicate damsel Katie (Julianne Hough), finds herself in the tiny bus stop known as South Port North Carolina. In South Port Katie finds a new home, a new job, and, a new love—Alex (Josh Duhamel). Yet, adjusting to Southern charm and hospitality seems to be a bit of challenge. With the help of Alex and her new friend, Jo (Cobie Smulders), Katie seems to find a way to see through the darkness, until her Ex (David Lyons) turns up with a vendetta. Facing her dark past could mean losing everything, how to persist and prevail?safe-haven-exclusive-poster Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel one might expect a sappy romance cut and dry, and you do get that; but, there’s more going on here than one might give credit at the onset. Admittedly, the unpeeling of the onion suspense is contrived, and the basic instinct/fatal attraction nutty ex concept is a little played out, but chemistry between Duhamel and Hough feels right. And, to the credit of director Lasse Hallstrom, heartstrings are indeed tugged “just right” as evidenced by the piles of tissues being swept up by ushers in the theatre as this critic was leaving. Bottom line, taking your significant other to see this for Valentine’s day might just be a good move…translation, guys, suck it up and see this with your significant other, thank me later. Safe Harbor is rated PG-13.