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22nd March
written by Adam

Growing up in London, two best friends since birth, Ginger and Rosa (Elle Fanning and Alice Englert), challenge their love for each other in light of the cold war and the Cuban Missile crisis; but, it’s the yearning for love from boys, men, and fathers that will contort them both more than anything else. How to maintain a friendship while growing up so fast?gingerrosa Written and directed by Sally Potter, the film moves at a difficult pace, spreading out in many directions but often not staying on one course long enough to add enough meat. Regardless, acting from the ensemble is stout all round, that includes performances from Annette Bening, Christina Hendricks, and Alessandro Nivola. Drama heavy this wont be everyone’s cup of tea, but still earns respect. Maybe a matinee, Ginger & Rosa is rated PG-13.

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