Fast & Furious 6

Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), high end criminal, badass, and fast car driver, is living on a remote island halfway ’round the world hiding from extradition to the U.S.. It’s the good life for Dom, until he’s visited by Officer Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) of the U.S. Government who has a unique proposition. Hobbs has evidence of a criminal mastermind who’s currently building one of the world’s most powerful weapons, but wait, there’s more, Hobbs also has proof that Dom’s ex, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) is in on the deal. Oooh, now it’s about family, and it’s about to get personal. Dom must assemble his team of mercenary drivers from around the world to put an end to this criminal (Luke Evans), the payoff being full pardons from the U.S. for all. It’s time to come home, but first he’ll have to drive fast and furious!FastFurious So let’s be clear about this, the twisting screenplay here is totally ridiculous, but the way storylines from all previous Fast & Furious films are woven together makes for a fun watch, and yet, you can come in completely cold on this one and still keep up. Acting wise, nobody’s getting an Oscar, but well choreographed action and fighting, over the top stunts, and artful high speed driving make this one heck of a ride– at times eliciting laughter as much as cheering from the audience. Director Justin Lin knows where Fast & Furious belongs on the Mensa scale (low), but doesn’t insult the audience along the way and instead lets the good times roll. As far as popcorn chomping fun, thrills, chills, and spills go this one’s hard to beat. Surprisingly worth your while, and stick around for the credits for even more fun. The Fast & Furious 6 is rated PG-13.