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22nd November
written by Adam

Inspired by a true story a recently terminated spin doctor for the British government, and former BBC journalist, Martin Sexsmith (Steve Coogan), is at a crossroads in life. Looking to continue with hard news writing, Martin is instead given the opportunity to write a human interest story that will challenge him journalistically and philosophically. The task is to help an elderly woman, Philomena (Judi Dench), find a son she gave birth to 50 years ago in an Irish convent but was forced to give up for adoption against her will. Challenging the Catholic church, political systems, and the human spirit Philomena and Martin’s road will not be an easy path, but a rewarding conclusion is in store if they’re successful. How will they fare?Philomena Pet project for Coogan who co-wrote, produced, and acted in, this delightful gem has all the makings of an art house charmer; heart wrenching story, strong performances, and just the right amount of British humor and wit dashed to taste. Albeit, at times it does seem as though Coogan has rounded off his character a little too much to placate audiences, a move that detracts from his believability a bit. None the less, an emotional ride is in store for all who climb aboard. Worth your attention this weekend. Philomena is rated PG-13.

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