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22nd November
written by Adam

Leading up to and during the terrors of World War II a bright eyed young adopted girl, Liesel (Sophie NĂ©lisse), is raised by an older German couple, the gentle and kind Hans (Geoffrey Rush) and the stern but caring Rosa (Emily Watson). During her stay Liesel makes few friends, but one boy her age, Rudy (Nico Liersch), takes a liking to her, still, secrets surround their friendship. All the while, Liesel’s hunger for education and reading is a drive that fuels her need for books, that, and the Jew hidden in the basement. An understanding of the horrors and fears of living in Hitler’s Germany becomes apparent and truthful, an ending that can’t possibly pan out well. What’s to become of Liesel, Rudy, Hans and Rosa?BookTheif Based on the bestselling book The Book Thief, close attention to detail in this painful period piece illustrates how a society driven by fear can be turned xenophobic to horrific measures, and, how otherwise innocent men, women, and children were broken down and rebuilt in the Nazi socialist vision. Directed by Brian Percival with music by John Williams The Book Thief has the markings and polishing of a large budget epic, but maintains the heart and soul of a special gem. And, from stem to stern the ensemble acts the heck out of this one, get ready for the water works, you’re in for a beautiful and emotionally challenging film. Totally worthy of your time, The Book Thief is rated PG-13.

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