Based on the wildly popular book series Divergent is the story Tris (Shailene Woodley), the daughter of a politician in a post apocalyptic world where a caste system of 5 groups keeps order amongst humanity. Faced with trying to find her own path and fit into a designated role Tris discovers she has a unique blessing/curse she’s divergent, meaning she’s a balance of all of the castes and therefor a freethinker and therefor a threat. Fitting in won’t come easy but the alternative is death, meanwhile a political overthrow that’s set to take place means genocide. Tris had better figure out how to do the right thing quickly and what’s the deal with her handsome trainer, Four (Theo James)?divergent How to sum this one up, totally derivative and predictable source material, unlikeable characters, cheap out scoring with pop music, decent special effects, but an overstayed welcome makes this latest attempt to pander to the teen audience feel vapid. Sure there are a few redeemable qualities, Fight sequencing and filming is well thought out, and Kate Winslet can make liver look like filet mignon. Unfortunately, nutritional value on this package is low. Divergent is rated PG-13.