Jersey Boys

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in New Jersey, the future for Frankie, Tommy, Nick, and Bob (John Lloyd Young, Vincent Piazza, Johnny Cannizzaro, Erich Bergen) alone didn’t look so bright; but, when the four joined forces to become the Four Seasons their stock value would rise to meteoric heights. Creating hits such as Sherry, Walk Like A Man, and Big Girls Don’t Cry the sky was the limit, until even that wasn’t enough. Money, women, and fame, would all have their impact on the band, but Jersey loyalty would carry them to the rock and roll hall of fame, still, it would be a tough road to hoe, this is their story.fourseasons Directed by Clint Eastwood and based on the Broadway musical, Jersey Boys presents the polished and classic tale of the underdog making it in the big time and the growing pains associated. Interesting but rather tame in comparison to legends of rock stars who would follow in their footsteps, audiences will still appreciate the story behind the iconic music, although a sluggish start does weigh things down and it’s apparent some judicious trimming could tighten things up. Regardless, an otherwise well crafted work makes for fine matinee material or hey, grab your dame and make it a date night, burgers and milkshakes from the local diner to suit. Jersey Boys is rated R.