Obvious Child

Living a rather Bohemian lifestyle as a comedienne, Donna (Jenny Slate) often speaks from the heart in her standup routine– occasionally a wince inducing behaviour. So, when Donna’s boyfriend leaves her for another woman, her spiral into depression could be fodder for great art, or it could destroy her all together. Fortunately, good friends and gentle Max (Jake Lacy) are there to lend support, but it’s Donna’s unwanted pregnancy with Max that seems to be at the head of her problems. Will Donna’s soul have the resilience to spring back, and will her heart ever open again?ObviousChild Turning lemons into lemonade, writer director Gillian Robespierre has created a comedic gem of fully rounded individuals, flawed and honest, sarcastic and painful all the while hilarious. Nailing the romantic comedy genre and then turning it promptly on it’s ear, while the content isn’t always pleasant, Robespierre shows us that “real” can indeed be funny, even when that means we’re watching our heroes suffer. Standout acting from Slate and Lacy sells the drama even further and at 84 minutes of runtime, there’s still room for just a little more, and that’s just right. Obvious Child is rated R.