Whatever Works

Suicidal, cynical, and fed up with the world, Boris Yellnikoff (Larry David), a retired physics professor is ready to make his final exit when the young and impressionable Melodie St. Ann Celestine (Evan Rachel Wood) worms her way into his heart. Regardless of the age difference, the two eventually hit it off and get married. But, as Melodie’s estranged parents make their way back into her life, what comedies await? whatever-worksWritten and Directed by Woody Allen this snarky and cynical comedy provides for plenty of snickers and a few good belly laughs. With wit and words artfully delivered by David, one would almost swear that Larry David is a taller incarnation of Woody Allen himself, this is a good thing. And, with a wordy script that only someone like Allen could write, this semi high brow comedy feels ready to succeed where the author’s other recent attempts have fallen a little short. Worthy of your time as at least a matinee. Whatever Works is rated PG-13.