Begin Again

Record label owner/A&R rep, Dan (Mark Ruffalo), was once a mighty player in the music industry developing hot prospects into pure gold making good music. Trouble is, Dan’s luck has been down for years and he can’t seem to find a hit with any new artists; insult to injury, Dan’s wife and daughter (Catherine Keener, Hailee Steinfeld) consider him a washed up loser. But, when a chance encounter between Dan and an unconventional broken hearted songwriter named Greta (Keira Knightley) occurs, it appears the luck pendulum might be swinging its return. Strings will need to be pulled, and creative vision deployed, Greta and Dan’s partnership could be just the thing to save the day, but what of ex-boyfriend Dave (Adam Levine) and just how deep are each other’s wounds?beginagain Mildly unconventional, Writer/Director John Carney shows restraint in giving the audience the “Hollywood ending,” instead opting for perhaps a more realistic and empowered result, refreshing. From a chemistry standpoint, honest and heartfelt performances from all involved makes this sleeper hit a heart warming and endearing tale with purposeful restraint and a heck of a soundtrack. Great for a date, morning, Noon, or Night, Begin Again is rated R.