As the human race has evolved over thousands of years the ability to use more than a small percentage of our brain’s actual potential has proven to be a solid obstacle, that is until now. Through a series of unfortunate events young Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is exposed to a new synthetic super drug– an experience that propels her brain’s ability to transcend current potentials. Now, literally the smartest girl in the room, Lucy will need to outsmart a ring of Asian drug lords, meet with the smartest minds on human consciousness, and pass on her newfound knowledge before her time expires. And, what will happen when Lucy’s brain use reaches 100%lucy Written and Directed by Luc Besson, what starts with directorial flare, panache, and clever juxtaposition quickly fades into a film that’s a lot less intelligent than it would purport to be. Eh, but lets not poke holes in this delicate rubber raft of a script, I mean, when you’re the most powerful thinking thing on the planet, you’d think you could perhaps plan a less invasive and altruistic way to pass on your knowledge to humanity rather than becoming a merciless warrior, just a thought. None the less, we’re still left with a fairly entertaining yet predictable dark ride. Computer graphics throughout do leave a bit to be desired, and the relatively low count of choreographed battles and showdowns feels a smidge underwhelming. Although with a runtime of 90 minutes, welcome’s are not overstayed. Mediocre fun, Lucy is rated R.