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22nd August
written by Adam

Digging deeper into the world of Sin City and the creatures that live there we catch up with the emotionally scarred erotic dancer Nancy (Jessica Alba), her protector, 300 pounds of iron man, Marv (Mickey Rourke), the corrupt and evil Senator Roark (Powers Boothe), pro-gambler and wise guy Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), monster detective (Josh Brolin) and his drug, the bewitching Ava (Eva Green). In a city full of beggars, thieves, wild gangs, crooked cops, and lawyers, who’ll make it out alive and where will their paths cross?sincity2 Not necessarily a prequel or a sequel to 2005’s Sin City, this installation of the franchise continues as an extension of the brainchild of Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez telling several stories, sometimes overlapping, with the same artistic palate and vision audiences are already familiar with. But, in a modern world where motion capture and green screen technology is available on your home computer, Rodriguez and Miller don’t exactly break new ground with their technical accomplishments this go round, and despite the use of 3D cameras, the duo come up short on their deployment of the same tech. If there’s one film this summer that could possibly exploit 3D to the fullest this would be it; but, the directors apparently have other plans, hmpfh. And, while not all of the vignette/stories are meaty with substance or reason to care for our characters, when the film succeeds, it truly soars, and even offers up a few dark laughs along the way.Pulpy fun, perhaps in need of a little more trimming. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is rated R, for obvious reasons….

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