Disconnected from his moral compass, a desperate and driven man, Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal), falls into the thrilling career of a television stringer/videographer, also known as a nightcrawler. Able to compose heart wrenching images and crossing the lines of ethical journalism Louis becomes a favorite source for KWLA News Director Nina (Rene Russo). But about those ethics, how far is too far for the sake of a story, who’s at risk, and what exactly is it that’s driving Louis? nightcrawler Twisting one part online business degree, one part book on tape, and one part Tony Robbins motivational speech, Writer/Director Dan Gilroy has crafted a truly disturbing lead character who can also be read somewhere on the autistic scale in a dramatic thriller. And, intentionally poking television news in the eye with an equally disturbing and satirical outlook on the industry, one begins to wonder what is it in our society that legitimizes the public’s thirst for blood and gore– it would appear we have ourselves to blame. Nothing shy of another stellar performance, Gyllenhaal’s interpretation of his character stands out as one of this year’s indelible marks on the viewer’s psyche, almost parasitic and under the skin, his haunting eyes and plasticized smile will be hard to wipe clean. Just in time to get your creepy on for Halloween and deserving of your attention, Nightcrawler is rated R.