Lifelong con-man Nicky (Will Smith) runs into trouble when an old accomplice and flame(Margot Robbie) shows up and throws a wrench in his latest scheme. Staying in character and never giving up the con are the rules to live by, but doing so could lead to a deadly outcome. How to survive one more heist? focus Written and Directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, this twisting, turning, who done who plot seems to lumber through the motions trying to outsmart the audience, playing them as “the vic” or “the newbie,” slowly letting everyone in on the super secret stuff that con artists do. Which, mind you, is interesting stuff, and the perfected art of pickpocketing with assistants is an impressive orchestration to watch, but then there’s the romance side to the film, and while Smith and Robbie do seem to share on screen spark, their overall story is as dry as the Las Vegas dessert, ho hum. All told, think matinee, but really more of a rental later. Focus is rated R.