The Revenant

Frontiersman and guide to fur traders Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is brought within a millimeter of his life when he’s attacked by a grizzly bear. Left for dead Glass actually survives, but now has a chip on his shoulder. Hell bent on exacting revenge to the man who wronged him, John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). Glass plots his course home; but, surviving in the great expanse will take every bit of strength, knowledge, and courage to make his plan come together.Revenant Inspired by true events and directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, this visually gripping tour de force combines Iñárritu’s sense of the supernatural, existential, and nature as witnessed in previous works Birdman and Biutiful along with the downright stunning and compelling cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki (Birdman, Gravity, Children of Man). The end result is two hours and thirty six minutes of one of the most intense, and compelling revenge stories ever told. And, despite the distinct lack of dialogue, DiCaprio rises to the challenge, bringing his “A” game and physical performance to a new level of amazing. Meanwhile Hardy and supporting actor Will Poulter complete the piece bringing strong drive to this deceptively complex and yet simple plot. Fair warning though, this hyper violent piece may be a bit much for those with delicate constitutions, but for those willing to take the ride, stunning story, jaw dropping imagery, and rock solid performances await. The Revenant is rated R.