Eddie the Eagle

All his life the physically awkward and maladroit Eddie Edwards (Taron Egerton) held the dream of competing in the Olympics; and, for the most part, he was a failure, until he found an event he might actually stand a chance to compete in, Ski Jumping. This is the story of Eddie the Eagle’s rise to 1988 Winter Olympics.eddietheeagle Directed by Dexter Fletcher this goofy but inspirational story serves as a fun reminder to the original spirit of the Olympic games. With a strong performance from Egerton and support from Hugh Jackman, Christopher Walken, Jo Hartley and Keith Allen the film shines even brighter still. Plus chronologically inspired score by Matthew Margeson adds just the right touch to bring the film home. A smile producer, this simple film hits just where it needs to without hitting too hard. Eddie the Eagle is rated PG-13.