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23rd November
written by Adam

Fueled by a sickening mixture of gin and cheap whiskey Willie Soke’s (Billy Bob Thornton) life hasn’t exactly turned into the rose garden he would have hoped for. So, when the opportunity for a big score comes in the form of a heist delivered by old partner, Marcus (Tony Cox), the foul mouthed Santa receives a reprisal of his red suit. Lead by Willie’s mother and double crossing felon, Sunny (Kathy Bates), what could go wrong; a lot apparently.badsanta Directed by Mark Waters, this darkly blue story wrapped up in a red suit stands as a reminder, sometimes guys in red suits wear horns and carry pitchforks, I’m relatively sure there’s a ring of hell devoted for folks who laugh at some of the humor contained within. Now, that’s not to say that the film is a bad film or that the jokes are bad in quality; the taste however, might be questionable for some audiences, alas, I’m also pretty sure if you’ve gotten this far, you’re already aware of what angle Bad Santa is working, to which congratulations, your sidecar to hell is waiting right over here next to the turnstiles of the theatre doors. In reality, it’s about mindset, some folks can appreciate hot under the collar blue humor, others can’t, if you’re in the latter category, pass, but for the rest of you, a fine matinee time passing option awaits you in this louder, raunchier, and paper cutting sequel. Bad Santa 2 is rated R….no kidding.

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