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18th September
written by Adam

Based loosely on true events, this is the tale of Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon), a vice president of a major company in the agricultural business who voluntarily leaks information to the FBI on a giant price fixing scheme. The only problem is, unbeknownst to agents Shepard (Scott Bakula) and Herndon (Joel McHale) Mark also happens to be a pathological liar. As the truth comes out, bigger and bigger lies are told, perhaps undermining the entire investigation and turning the spotlight in a completely different direction.the-informant1 Baffling to the viewer how such events could possibly ever happen, we are once again reminded sometimes truth is stranger than fiction; and, in this case the truth is also the making for an interesting story and screenplay with an inner dialogue that provides a fun and creative insight to a number of characters. Solid acting from all actors makes this quirky film even more enjoyable. Worth a matinee, the Informant is rated R.

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