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28th July
written by Adam

Rural England during the dilapidated Victorian era, a young bride sold into a marriage, Katherine (Florence Pugh), is forced against her will to remain bound psychologically and physically to her homestead. But, when a young farmhand, Sebastian (Cosmo Jarvis), steps on the scene a fire is lit within Katherine– passion and fury ensue, now Katherine will stop at nothing to attain what she wants.Based on the writings of Nikolai Leskov and Directed by William Oldroyd, this methodical turning and broiling of emotion is likely to sit as an uneasy guest with mainstream audiences; however, for the arthouse crowd looking for strength in acting, wicked Russian drama, and sharp cinematography, stop go no further, you’ve reached your next destination. Specifically, Oldroyd’s masterful capturing of the chemistry and non-verbal communication between Pugh and Jarvis is a feat of subtlety and restraint creating a slow rug burn on the bodies of those who witness this 90 minute dramatic tear. Lady Macbeth is rated R.

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