The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Heart surgeon Steven Murphy(Colin Farrell) is married to Anna (Nicole Kidman), they have two children Kim and Bob (Raffey Cassidy and Sunny Suljic), their life seems normal. But, when Martin (Barry Keoghan), the son of one of Steven’s patients starts hanging around the family, Steven is faced with making an unthinkable sacrifice in a Hammurabic way. Finding balance in chaos, will that even be possible? From Writer Director Yorgos Lanthimos, this disturbing and nightmarish endurance test rolls out calculated and metered delivery as the horror amplifies and magnifies calling in to question what’s fair, what’s right, clearing guilt, settling arrogance, and facing rage when faced with unreasonable forces. Conjuring up some of this year’s most disturbing and eye grating imagery, here’s your psychological horror just in time for Halloween, you’ve been warned. The Killing of a Sacred Deer is rated R.