When In Rome

Beth (Kristen Bell) is a young, up and coming curator at the Guggenheim. Always putting her career first Beth hasn’t been able to find love, although, while attending her sister’s wedding in Rome, life takes a turn in the opposite direction. Through a bizarre magical turn of events Beth now has five potential eccentric suitors including: Antonio (Will Arnett), Lance (Jon Heder), Gale (Dax Shepard), Al (Danny DeVito), and Nick (Josh Duhamel). In sincerity Beth wants the love of Nick, but given the “magical” circumstances of the relationship, her conscience can’t accept his advances. But what if Nick’s love is for real, can Beth politely dismiss the other men pining for her affection, and, will true love prevail?when_in_rome_poster Just when you thought romantic comedies couldn’t get a whole lot worse….brother hold on ’cause we’ve got a new reigning champ. Weak screenplay, both dramatically and comedically the cliches abound and don’t let up….ever. And, despite the acting prowess of some of the principals in this flick, this is a prime example that sometimes you can’t even make lemonade out of lemons, particularly when the lemons are spoiled. Worthy of a few chuckles at best, this predictable and paint by numbers script offers nothing new. Cheap production value bleeds the film of it’s soul further. I would probably even question renting this on DVD, When In Rome is rated PG-13.