Truth or Dare

When a group of college friends take a trip to Mexico for spring break a game of Truth or Dare turns deadly as someone, or, something keeps the game going, forcing more and more damning truths and more extreme dares. Surviving the game seems futile, but maybe there’s a shred of hope….somewhere? Directed by Jeff Wadlow this mild variation on a theme of 2014’s it Follows comes across as drastically less thrilling but also unintentionally more comedic just the same. Lowering the bar further, downright hokey special effects lose their “special” nature in the light of today’s Snapchat filter options, eh, so it goes. As for the ensemble, their willingness to commit to their roles automatically earns them a “good enough” award, but lets curb those expectations right now. Finally, a rather abrupt ending offers up the traditional teen/slasher/thriller pulp non-ending to little or no surprise or fanfare. Keep trying, we’ll hit something original again, sooner or later. Truth or Dare is rated PG-13.