Avengers: Infinity War

Safe Safe, No spoilers! Safe, Avengers: Infinity War centers around Thanos (Josh Brolin), the interstellar and powerful warrior dead set on destroying half of the Universe; that is, unless the Avengers and allies high and low can do something, anything, to stop him, but will that even be possible? Directed by revered fans of the genre Anthony and Joe Russo and written by a bajillion writers this pinnacle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe cleverly bridges the gap of multiple storylines in a larger than life roll call to the big screen. An ensemble piece that allows well established characters to do exactly what we’ve come to expect from them over the years, kick some ass and take some punches, no surprises there. Well developed CGI, and thought out sequencing successfully paired with a hefty amount of handheld camera work and editing brings the action up close and personal this go round, but, not so close that one loses total track of the big picture. Furthermore, peppered with Marvel’s signature humor, Infinity War navigates the often controversial and hostile ground of comedy/action with deft precision allowing the story to glide from genre to genre without color shifting in a tonally challenged way. And, marrying the musical soundscapes of the Marvel Universe, Alan Silvestri’s commanding work induces armrest grip strength tests of unmatched power, well done! Worthy of your cinematic dollar for all two hours and twenty nine minutes of runtime, yes, stay through the credits (but you knew that), great things happen and great things are yet to come. It’s films like this that make the theatre going experience really worth while. Avengers: Infinity War is rated PG-13.