Fighting With My Family

Straight outa Norwich U.K., the Bevis family including dad Ricky (Nick Frost), mom Julia (Lena Headey), brother Zak (Jack Lowden) and daughter Saraya (Florence Pugh) are a family that make their living putting on adrenaline filled semi-pro wrestling matches. Set on hitting the big time and making it to the WWE both Zak and Saraya bring it to the mat, but only Saraya will move on. With the WWE Saraya will transition to become the diva phenom known as Paige, but at what cost?

Written and Directed by Stephen Merchant and based the actual story of the Bevis family of Norwich, this endearing tale of thrills chills and spills brings hope and aims to lift up where Aronofsky’s The Wrestler (2008) casts a darker shadow. Told with spit, grit, and muscle, Merchant’s wit and direction keeps this merry cast of miscreants perfectly balanced on the brink between pile driver and scorpion death lock, that is to say the laughs come just as easily as the cringe and wince worthy moments. Well played from the top ropes, Fighting with My Family is rated PG-13.