The Rhythm Section

Destructive, destitute and desperate after loosing her entire family in a plane crash, Stephanie Patrick (Blake Lively) is contacted by an investigative reporter with new details about the suspicious details surrounding the incident. Now on a mission to serve justice with guidance from a former MI6 agent, B (Jude Law), Stephanie assumes the identity of Peytra, a lethal assassin with an exceedingly dark past. It’s kill or be killed as Stephanie/Peytra scours the globe executing all responsible, but will she find redemption? Directed by Reed Morano and Written by Mark Burnell this slow to start Dragon Tattoo-esque-lite release is a film that sets out to be a lot harder, a lot edgier, and a lot more exciting than it actually turns out to be. Scripted mainly with cliches and tropes, this unimaginative hour and nearly fifty minutes moves at a glacial tilt while technically checking all the requisite boxes of a “spy” flick. Furthermore, questionable choices in editing and soundtrack poorly punctuate the film’s overall flow all together. Maybe a rental later, save your coin this time. The Rhythm Section is rated R.