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6th March
written by Adam

It’s been a hard 25 years since Jack Cunningham (Ben Affleck) was king of the boards for his High School basketball team. So, when the opportunity to coach his alma mater is dropped in his lap despite a broken marriage, an emotional disconnect and a drinking problem, perhaps this could be the thing to turn his life around and get back on his feet? Directed by Gavin O’Connor and written by Brad Ingelsby and O’Connor this trope laden tale of dusty sports champ redemption is an odd mix of parts. While Affleck is clearly flexing his acting muscle effectively, the story’s overall inability to make us care for any of the rest of the cast is a missed three pointer and ultimately what keeps this film from advancing from passable to great. Simply put, the best intentions are all outlined but their final execution just doesn’t feel entirely fleshed out, sincere or deserved. To that end, perhaps consider this a film to fold laundry to later as a rental. The Way Back is Rated R.

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