A Quiet Place Part II

Roughly a year and a half since a deadly alien invasion, humanity on earth is but a shadow of its former self. Now, the Abbott family is forced to leave their own personal “quiet place” in search of more survivors; but, where they’re going, they may not be welcome guests. Originally slated for release in March of 2020 this impeccably prescient reflection of our current world in 2021 (substitute aliens for virus) makes for the perfect reminder/warning/harbinger as the U.S. begins to “open back up,” the parallels remarkably haunting. Meanwhile, Writer/Director John Krasinski has managed to prepare an intriguing, engaging, and gripping follow up to 2018’s A Quiet Place. Efficient storytelling, sharp acting from the ensemble, and masterful sound design followed up with Marco Beltrami’s perfect score, this gem is worth crawling out from under your rock (when comfortably safe to do so) and witnessing with your own eyes and ears. Brace for tension! A Quiet Place Part II is rated PG-13.