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18th October
written by Adam

A male escort ( Shogi Silver) is mysteriously sent to the house of Professor Peter Boyle (Paul Eenhoorn) for one last job– help the professor find a woman in this modern world. But, teaching and navigating the dating scene after being off the market for decades will prove to have lessons for both the teacher and the student.Written by Shogi Silver and Directed by Kahlil Silver this ambitious production serves up a lengthy dialogue between its two principals, but, unfortunately the script never materializes into a full narrative arc. And, while it’s clear best intentions are behind this production, it’s also clear the vast majority of the production crew are still relatively new to their respective trades. Applause for completion of this project and achieving distribution through Amazon Prime, this critic is always a champion for more Washington State film production, keep polishing. In The Company of Women runs 1 hour and 37 minutes and is unrated.

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