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17th June
written by Adam

A recluse inventor of generally useless items named Brian (David Earl) strikes gold when his robot named “Charles” (Chris Hayward) actually takes to life and becomes sentient. But questions about makers and masters begin to spur as Charles’ knowledge and understanding of the world grows. It’s only a matter of time before britches are outgrown, but then what? Written by David Earl and Chris Hayward and Directed by Jim Archer, this light hearted mocumentary style romp through the countryside with a robot runs at an even pace delivering a host of good chuckles and genuine smiles from start to finish. Simple in premise and delivery, the writers aren’t challenging major theories about life and humanity as one might think, but instead focus on solid archetypal character development and provide the basis of the classic quest for knowledge and growth, points for staying on target. And, running only a brisk 90 minutes, welcomes are not overstayed. Bottom line, rated PG, Brian and Charles provides the feel good warmth in our Seattle summer of grey.

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