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12th August
written by Adam

A close knit group of 20 somethings get together for a hurricane party at the remote family mansion of David (Pete Davidson), but, when an aggressive game of “Bodies Bodies Bodies” appears to get out of control, actual lives are lost. Now, who’s at fault? Getting to the bottom of this whodunnit may cost more than friendships. Written by Sarah DeLappe and Kristen Roupenian and Directed by Halina Reijn, this cautionary Gen-Z tale of privilege, excess, and psychosis is a hilarious mirror to society through the lens of social media distortion, drugs and woke culture. Sharply written, fans of horror may have the plot figured out well before the dark ride ends, but, pithy quippy dialogue keeps the gallows humor rolling as this young ensemble stumbles their way through the eye of a storm. And, running a mere 95 minutes, the brisk pacing doesn’t leave much fat to trim. Clearly stylized with the youth in mind, fans of the horror/thriller genre have a new voice to pay attention to. Bodies Bodies Bodies is rated R.

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