The Fabelmans

Growing up in a post World War II nuclear family structure, Sammy/Sam Fableman (Mateo Zoryan, Gabriel LaBelle) discovers his passion for the art of filmmaking at an early age bringing joy and wonderment to all around him, but, when a family secret is uncovered by his camera’s lens, an internal conflict begins to grow, pushing young Sam away from the craft. Learning to reconcile with his own truths through his art will be the challenge, will he persist, or will he let it all pass? Directed by Steven Spielberg, and Written by Spielberg and Tony Kushner, this loosely autobiographical coming of age story feels endearing, genuine and particularly personal to Spielberg leaving the audience with a smile and handful of chuckles as we’re given a slight peek behind the curtain of one of the greatest story tellers of our time. Cast with heavy hitters Paul Dano, and Michelle Williams as the parental figures, Seth Rogan as family friend “Uncle Bennie,” and Judd Hirsch as Uncle Boris, the cast feels palpable and real, Hirsch in particular wins the vote for “most interesting supporting character.” Score from cinema music legend John Williams elevates the film just the same, this go round without the massive anthemic pieces, but instead a more introspective and delicate touch. Spielberg has clearly poured his heart into this work and all parts and pieces have followed his rising tide. Running just a tad long at two hours and thirty one minutes, this is your family friendly gem for the holiday. The Fabelmans is rated PG-13.