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2nd December
written by Adam

It’s Christmas eve and the world is aglow, yet, it would appear Santa (David Harbour) has lost his Christmas spirit, embittered by a world of greed and spoiled children. But, whilst stopping at the Lightstone family compound Santa finds himself in the middle of an elaborate estate robbery by a fellow who calls himself Mr. Scrooge (John Leguizamo). Now, tethered to the property Santa makes it his goal to protect young Trudy (Leah Brady), as it turns out, Father Christmas previous to his career as the Jolly Saint Nick was something akin to a Northman and he’s here for blood. Christmas Eve is set to be one Violent Night. Written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller and Directed by Tommy Wirkola this romp down a bloody candy cane lane leaves no mystery in its intentions. It’s comic book justice and pulp on a thinly veiled story about family and finding the true meaning of Christmas turbo injected with testosterone and extra sledge hammer. Is this high cinema, no, not a chance, but that isn’t what it promises to be either. Harbour, aptly cast as the middle aged brawler effectively chews the scenery and delivers the knockout blows one swing at a time in an oddly endearing Santa magic kind of way. The overall take, the film delivers exactly as advertised, fun, blood, guts, and good cheer. If that’s your thing, this film is your thing. Ho ho ho. Violent night is a swift hour and fifty two minutes long and rated R.

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