Knock at the Cabin

A family vacationing at a remote cabin is taken hostage by a group of strangers armed with medieval weapons and forced to make an impossible decision under the premise that the world is ending. Even then, failing to make a decision could still have apocalyptic results. Are these the end times, or just crazy times? Written by M. Night Shyamalan, Steve Desmond and Michael Sherman, and Directed by Shyamalan this allegorical story based loosely on depictions of the Book of Revelation features an unlikely cast including Jonathan Groff, Rupert Grint, and Dave Bautista; however, it’s Bautista who steals the show as the empathetic and gentle giant carefully guiding and coaching the ensemble, bravo Bautista. Breaking form from his special plot twist schtick, Shyamalan also appears to be reaching into slightly different story telling territory; and yet, in doing so doesn’t build up to the “big reveal” leaving the viewer a little less Shyamalan-wowed at the conclusion of its 100 minute runtime. Bottom line, maybe more of a rental than a theatre watch but still fun for the dark suspense that it is. Knock at the Cabin is rated R.