Cocaine Bear

Inspired by actual events in 1985 surrounding a crashed drug runner’s plane in Georgia, missing cocaine, and the apex predator/black bear that ate the stash; a handful of unlikely players, park rangers, drug dealers, parents and kids alike find themselves wrapped up in the rampage. The rules are simple, keep your nose clean enough to kill or be killed, but who will walk away?Written by Jimmy Warden and Directed by Elizabeth Banks, this gruesome period piece embodies and replicates the spirit and feel of the decade it’s set in from art direction, acting style, and cinematic vision. Steeped in absurdity, this horrific ride delivers gallon for gallon, kilo for kilo, the most blood we’ve seen on screen in quite some time, yet, acerbic humor cuts the edge and keeps things moving. So, for all of its short comings in editing and continuity, Banks has faithfully re-created a horror/thriller B-film spark that children of the 80’s will be familiar with. High cinema (no pun intended), not even close, screwball romp, absolutely. Enjoy it for what it is, entertainment that doesn’t overstay its welcome with a runtime of 95 minutes. Cocaine Bear is rated R….surprise.