Knight and Day

June Havens (Cameron Diaz), a typical mid 30’s woman is headed to her sister’s wedding when a not so “chance encounter” with Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) turns her life upside down. Roy is a CIA spy gone rogue, sought for stealing a valuable technology of interest to not only the government but also foreign arms dealers. But who to trust in this global game of cat and mouse, and how to protect the teen inventor of said technology (Paul Dano)? 
Okay, let’s just be up front about this, you get planes crashing, impossible car chases, bad guys galore, a cocky Tom Cruise, a bubbly Cameron Diaz, and plenty of action, yet somehow this film just comes up dry and worn out before the proverbial horse is even out of the gate. Sure all the bits and pieces are here to make a standard summertime flick, but ultimately there’s nothing that makes the film memorable or unique. And, while there’s nothing particularly wrong with the film, minus the abbreviated pace of the impossible script, there’s no real reason to rush out and catch this one. Maybe a rental this winter when you need a no-brainer film to pass the dark days. Knight and Day is rated PG-13.