When a mysterious Soviet defector named Orlov (Daniel Olbrychski) turns himself in to the CIA, red flags are immediately raised about one of the CIA’s best and brightest– Evelyn Salt (Aneglina Jolie). Orlov explains that Evelyn will be responsible for the death of the Soviet President who is currently visiting the United States for a funeral. Upon receiving this message Evelyn takes evasive action to elude the authorities and apparently carry out said mission, but why, what is her motivation, where is her loyalty, and what is her relationship to Ted Winter (Liev Schreiber)? Doing what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing Angelina do best, intense cat and mouse action scenes run rampant through this summertime popcorn chomper. And, while the nature or history of the action drama genre isn’t exactly being rewritten, there’s still plenty to sink your teeth into in this one. With just enough twisting and turning of the plot to keep you guessing for at least the first two thirds of the film director Phillip Noyce pulls back the layers of this onion at a calculated pace and still manages to leave some of the best material for last. Sure to be a hit at the box office this weekend. Salt is rated PG-13.