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17th December
written by Adam

In a time of emotional turmoil for both, George (Paul Rudd) and Lisa (Reese Witherspoon) meet for an innocent blind date, things do not go well and the two part ways. Meanwhile, Lisa is also in the process of starting up a new relationship with a professional Baseball pitcher named Matty (Owen Wilson), and George is being investigated for illegal business practices– something his father (Jack Nicholson) is actually responsible for. As the hand of fate moves, George and Lisa keep meeting, checking in with each other as their life journeys keep sailing in similar circles. In the end two questions remain, will Lisa actually fall for George instead of Matty, and will George take the fall for his father to keep him from a life in prison? So, it’s a romantic comedy, and, given that romantic comedies generally have low demands by any standards I was doubtful but hopeful the cast would be able to make this one shine. As a result, it’s with mixed emotions I offer this write-up. While there were a handful of genuine chuckles written here, and the subject material seems based in some sense of reality…sort of, I can’t say this was a laugh riot; rather, the driving comedic nature of the film instead seems to be a dry schadenfreude. From an acting level or production perspective the film seems decent enough to make a pass, but ultimately the lack of a really fresh and compelling script sinks this one before the ship ever really sails, writer/director James L. Brooks has done better.  Worth a matinee for fans of the genre but better off as a rental. How Do You Know is rated PG-13.

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