The Mechanic

A professional hitman, Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham), is setup by his employer to secretly kill his mentor and father figure, Harry (Donald Sutherland). In a moment of compassion towards Harry’s son Steve (Ben Foster) Arthur agree’s to teach him about the hire for kill business. While working together the two discover the true motives for Harry’s execution. Now in a position to exact revenge on their boss (Tony Goldwyn), the hitmen team up to put an end to his corrupt ways. But when
Steve figures out Arthur was the trigger man that killed his father the question becomes how will the two deal with each other? So lets get this straight, Jason Statham as a muscle bound, bad-boy, killer type that saves the day, wasn’t that a film called the Transporter 1, 2 or 3, no wait, maybe it was called Crank or Death Race? I get it, the guy’s type cast once again, which is good and bad I suppose; the good being that he can actually act, the bad being that we’re not seeing him take a challenge and that there’s little substance to the film that hasn’t been done zillions of times before. And, given that the film is a remake to begin with, the freshness factor is already under scrutiny. All told there aren’t huge missteps in this one, it does what it sets out to do, explosions, stunts, fist fights, and predictable outcome, it’s pulp celluloid. It’s a rental…ho hum…The Mechanic is rated R.