I Am Number Four

Walking amongst us earthlings are a select few warriors from a planet far far away. Warriors that posses amazing super powers and strength who will ultimately be responsible for saving earth from a different breed of evil aliens. John (Alex Pettyfer) is one such warrior who is just learning to harness his powers; meanwhile, the evil Morgadorians are hot on his trail, their mission is to destroy John and all of his kind. Now it’s up to John and his friends to defend themselves and progress towards saving earth. Set up like every other formulaic teen action/super hero/adventure film series, I Am Number Four is so textbook in its plot it’s mind numbing. Within about the first 15 minutes you know everything you need to know and then you’re left to watch the whole thing play out for another hour and forty minutes– which feels like three hours. Clearly done on a lesser budget, the production quality feels greater than the syfy channel but less than Hollywood, overall so so. Happy Birthday to Executive Producer Michael Bay who’s celebrating a birthday this week, blow out the candles and make a wish, you’re gonna need it on this one. I Am Number Four is Rated PG-13.