Fright Night

Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) a late bloomer in high school with a ridiculously cute girlfriend, Amy (Imogen Poots), begins to suspect something is amiss with his next door neighbor Jerry (Collin Farrell). Jerry is a night construction worker on the Las Vegas strip and has a way with the ladies that seems downright amazing. Meanwhile, as neighbors start to disappear suspicions start to rise. When Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), Charley’s old friend, theorizes that Jerry is actually a vampire everything seems to make sense. Now it’s up to Charley, Amy, and vampire expert Peter Vincent (David Tennant) to put a stop to things before they all wind up undead. Despite the mental images the title might conjur, it’s important to remember this is as much a comedy as it is a horror/thriller type fick– a helpful distinction to keep you from getting too serious about something that’s actually a lighter fare. Sassy in its writing, and well timed in comedic delivery, the ensemble here really does a nice job selling the dramedy. And, since this is a re-make of the 1985 classic the nods to the original don’t go unnoticed, including a bit part for Chris Sarandon. Plenty of gore for the fans of blood and guts and a moderate use of 3D adds an extra amount of kitch. Fun, and maybe worth a matinee or an ounce more. Fright Night is rated R.